Programming the counter functions for a specific application.

  • Range mode: In this mode, the output signals are activated within the set range.
  • Increment mode: After a preset value is reached, the corresponding signal is released and the counter jumps directly to the next preset value (without reset). (See also program mode)
  • Coincidence mode: The output signals are activated each time the count and preset value coincide (coincidence), regardless of counter advance sense.
  • Program mode: The preset values are processed one after the other independently of their setting value. The counter recognizes preset value 2 only after preset value 1 has been reached.
  • Reset mode: After a preset value has been reached, the corresponding output signal is released, and the counter is reset to its initial value; thus the next preset value is always processed starting from the initial value.
  • Set mode: Resetting of counter to the programmed main preset value.Standard programming for subtracting count.