Designated with IP (international protection) and a 2-digit number according to DIN 40050

  • 1st digit
    Degree of protection against penetration by solid bodies:
    0 no special protection provided
    1 solid bodies of > 50 mm; no protection against intentional access
    2 solid bodies of > 12 mm; fingers, etc. cannot be inserted
    3 solid bodies of > 2.5 mm; tools, wires, etc. (thickness > 2.5 mm) cannot be inserted
    4 solid bodies of > 1 mm; tools, wires, etc. (thickness > 1 mm) cannot be inserted
    5 dust in harmful quantities; complete protection against contact
    6 dust (dustproof); complete protection against contact
  • 2nd digit
    Degree of protection penetration by water
    0 no special protection provided
    1 water dripping vertically
    2 water dripping up to 15° from the vertical
    3 water dripping up to 60° from the vertical (spray)
    4 water from all directions (splashing)
    5 water jet projected from a nozzle, from all directions (jet spray)
    6 heavy seas or powerful water jet (flooding)
    7 immersion in water under a defined pressure and period of time (immersion)
    8 submersion in water indefinitely. Conditions to be described by the manufacturer (submersion) (water shall not penetrate unit in critical amounts under conditions 1-8)
    Example: IP54 A unit with this designation is protected against the penetration of dust in harmful quantities and against splashing water