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DC71FECCH-4   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Three-phase alternating current Asynchronmotor with squirrel-cage rotor, serial-nr. 6521871  
ADDA Antriebstechnik
fan-wing for CR 400L10   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Fan-wing steel  
FC160-brake   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Brake assembly for motor A6308063, type FC160MT-FECC; 230 V  
T532-824   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Motor FE90L-4; 1,5-1,8KW cos Fi 0,79; 1410-1692 u/min; B3/B5 Pol. Harting hinten lidr. Ral. nach Angabe (Code SCA?: S 142 62 F DK)  
FE132S-4   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Motor  
CC13S4200100   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Motor A3017420, 55 50/60 F, heating 81120087, 5,5KW 380/660V 12,7/7,1A 0,83 cosf. 1430 rpm, 5,5 kW 420/720V 12/6,93A 0,77 cosf 1445 rpm, 5,5 kW 380/660V 11,8/6,82A 0,88 cosf. 1720 rpm, 6,37 kW 480/830V 11,5/6,84A 0,79 cosf. 1740 rpm  
FC180LT-4(Ex.FC160L-4)   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Motor dimension 80 L;22 kW, S1, IP 55, Iso.- Class F/B Type B5/350 mm,1470 1/min, 415/720 Volt +/- 10%, 50 Hz,shaft end 48 x 110 mm,with 3 cooling system built, RAL 7030, weight 119 kg  
FC71FE4   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Brake motor A3314697 0.37 kW 1690 rpm IP54 Brake AC70S  
F029-EM0-072   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Motor FC160L  
F029-EM0-073   ADDA Antriebstechnik  Motor FC71/4  

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