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8-251.171.024   Bubenzer  Lining support u. Covering SB 17 MX 113/133  
SB17MX133   Bubenzer  Complete brake assembly 360X20 500Nm 280x20 370 Nm  
630x20   Bubenzer  Bubenzer 630x20  
All products   Bubenzer  Bubenzer All products  
8-412.35.0141   Bubenzer  Main hoist brake assembly(high speed ), ,Disc diameter 800 ,Disc thickness 30, Thruster type ED 301/10bb  
8-251.555   Bubenzer  Lining support u. Covering SB 8.2/14.21  
8-001302961214   Bubenzer  KFB 40, HL, MK-E / A, T2-l, A350, 207V; Brake torque 400Nm, hand ventilation, micro switch with ON / OFF function  
8-000798300214E   Bubenzer  Friction lining GRP.SFB -H/ KFB  
8-248.101   Bubenzer  Replacement Magnet SB 17 MX 133, 180V, mG, spare magnetic GS 135.6902 for brake type SB17MX133, coil voltage 180V DC with rectifier  
8-251.171.024   Bubenzer  Lining carrier u. Covering SB 17 MX 113/133, gem. Drawing 8-251.171.024A, lining type: 04 (80x50) stick and rivets for SB17MX:. 113/133-SB14.11 / 8:11 + SB22  

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