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SKA20420 (Ex.SK541100)   Celduc  Relay DC CONTROL 4-30 VDC, 12-275VAC, 4Amp, 43,2 x 10,2 x 25,4 mm (1 conf. = 10 pieces)  
PLC10040 (ex PLC12312 T6)   Celduc  Sensor + Magnet P6250000  
All products   Celduc  Celduc All products  
56000139   Celduc  Celduc 56000139  
SVT861394   Celduc  Three-phase relay switching current: 3 x 12A (AC-51) Switching current: 3 x 2.8A (AC-53) Switching voltage: 24-520 VAC Control voltage: 8.5-30VDC Dimensions: 100 x 76 x 56.5mm  
SOM06075   Celduc  Relay 60A/75VDC, 3,5-32VDC  
SCF42324   Celduc  CELDUC 1-phase solid-state relay with integrated overvoltage protection, control voltage: 12-30 VDC / faston 2x 6.3 x 0.8, load voltage: 12-280 VAC / faston 2 x 6.3 x 0.8, load current: 25A max. / -40 ° C ... + 100 ° C, dimensions: 58 x 44.5 x 33 (19.6) mm, insulation voltage: 4000V. Packing unit 20 pc  
SIT865570   Celduc  Three-phase relay with heat sink and TS mounting 3x50Amp. max, 10-30VDC, 24-510VAC, 1200Vpk Packaging unit 24 Tariff number: 85365003 Country of origin: FR  
SIT865390 (ex. SWT861230)   Celduc  The relay SWT861230 has been replaced by the following type SIT865390.3-phase contactor with heat sink and LED indicator. Including DIN rail mounting. Switching current: 3 x 22A / AC-513 x 12A / AC-53 Switching voltage: 24-510VAC Control voltage: 10-30VAC / DC  

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