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79-400-008   Coesfeld  CNC controlled milling machine incl.. 1 x Clamping block for Milling motor, 1 x 79-024-010 Milling motor, 1 x 79-029-001 Collet chuck 3 mm for milling motor, 1 x 79-029-004 Collet chuck 6 mm for milling motor, 1 x 79-029-007 Collet chuck 8 mm for milling motor, 1 x 6-102-108 NCP-Interpreter RemoteWIN, incl. Control unit (Software pre configured) =Coesfeld PC with TFT-Monitor keyboard and mouse, including library (milling files)  
79-300-001   Coesfeld  Luminous source for CNC Milling Machine  
79-015-008   Coesfeld  Cooling unit up to -20°C for compressed air  
79-015-009   Coesfeld  Magnet valve for software control handling of 79-015-008  
201-125-100   Coesfeld  Clamping device for tensile specimens DIN EN 527 for holding tensile specimens according to DIN EN 527  
79-014-019   Coesfeld  Cutter with 2 cutting teeth hard metal for PEPA and similar material, 6 mm Ø, cutting length 25 mm  
79-024-100   Coesfeld  Extension module for samplenotching only for initial equipment of CNC Milling Machine. motor with bevel gear and fixturincl. tool holder  
79-101-004   Coesfeld  Plate for mounting samplmagazinesincl. Quick action clamping elements  
75-840-145   Coesfeld  Revolving magazine for stan-dard small rods Revolving magazine for stan-dard small rods for 1 to max. 12 standard small rods 50 x 6 x 4 mm fixed manually by means of clamping spindle to notch both sides the magazine with the clamped in test rods is reversed and then clamped again  
75-840-210 LM   Coesfeld  Single-tooth notch cutter V 025 HM hard metal tool for cutting V-notches in plastics notch radius: 0.25 mm  

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