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DN 100 PN 10-16   Crane  Throttle check valve DN100 PE NMDA11100F Ald 11113411 PN 10-16  
ALGD2E171ELA0AY   Crane  Valve serie RS Centraline ALGD2E100F + actuator REVO RS5025005A 025/F05/VK14 45° + proximity switch PRZEAR02KB009 NBN4-V3-E2-Y  
RD50120050000   Crane  Pivot drive REVO RD5012005000000. Double acting 6bar. 74Nm. F05/V14  
RS7006005A0000   Crane  Flap impulse REVO, efficiency S. feather-closing, design 7, 90 Grand, impulse 001-006, impulse size 006, connection 005 F05 square 14 mms, 10 feathers A easy-active, 00 standards,-20 to 80 °C, 00 standards RAL 5002, nr. RS7006005A00000  
10T/V-QX1CX D   Crane  Floating seal;  
B2460/160 03GB01 A/B   Crane  Support  
kit für 503899   Crane  Repair kit for pump art. 503899 type: DL25-FA-NNN  
DN150   Crane  Buttelfly valve DN150 PN25 DIN 3203 K3, material 1.4057  
REVO DN65   Crane  Pneumatik Antrieb für ventil DN65  
AKGD1B100F   Crane  Throttle check valve DN 65 PE PN10/16 10bar 9631068953  

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