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TRIPLE PLUS+   Crowcon  PT: Portable Gas Detector, Gas Type SO2 NO CO and O2, Range SO2 = 0 to 10 PPM, NO= 0 to 10 PPM, CO= 0 to 500 PPM, O2= 25%  
TXGARD-IS(S01755-CO 500PPM)   Crowcon  Signal amplifier, 10-30VCC, Output signal 4-20Ma, 0-550PPM, 2 Wires System, operation temp. -10 - 55, 27x50x75, Gas co Detection, Model TXGARD-D  
s011242/2   Crowcon  Xgard flammable/tc amp main pcb assy  
s011509/s   Crowcon  Xgard-type 5 spare sensor module 0-100% Lel Methane-pellistor-pellistor VQ21T  
s01718-5   Crowcon  Gasmonitor input module  
All products   Crowcon  Crowcon All products  
C01339   Crowcon  Flow adaptor, for use in sampling applications  
S011509   Crowcon  Xgard Type 5 spare sensor module 0-100% LEL methane pellistor pellistor VQ21T  
gmon   Crowcon  Gasmonitor Plus Rack only with power card, display module, imput output module, operating manual, software and Oc serial interface lead  
S01718/3   Crowcon  Gasmonitor Universal gas detector input module  

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