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Article code Manufacturer Brand Description Image Enquiry
FIG120G   Dieffenbacher  Dieffenbacher FIG120G  
00-0000-00-00-02   Dieffenbacher  PC  
11-3061-74-10-03   Dieffenbacher  Sheet  
WM-0035-53-04-04   Dieffenbacher  Spread ring  
11-2992-72-15-01   Dieffenbacher  Sprocket wheel  
11-2653-80-10-20   Dieffenbacher  Chain wheel  
11-2653-80-50-12   Dieffenbacher  Chain wheel  
11-2992-72-20-01   Dieffenbacher  Chain wheel  
11-2653-96-01-00   Dieffenbacher  Bending Rod  
11-2876-80-50-09   Dieffenbacher  Polling Rod Wheel  

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