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TC015ESD-0200-02-D11   Dr. Escherich  Taifun-Clean 015 Working width: 200 mm Rotor type: TCR7A070, part no. 100315 Ionization bar: PB55 High voltage cable: 2 m Number of suction nozzles DN55: 1 Compressed air hose: 2 m Working pressure: 1.0 3.5 bar - Dr. Escherich 
LLB015­0200­0100   Dr. Escherich  Air baffle for TAIFUNCLEAN 015 (on both sides) For the channeling of the suction flow. Working width: 200 mm Length: 2x 100 mm Height: 2x 20 mm (pre-assembled); 2x 50 mm (included) ZN: XXXXXX.XXXXX - Dr. Escherich 
SEN­IND­V01­02   Dr. Escherich  Sensor for TC015 Incl. Cable (fixed), plug and sensor holder.Cable length: 2 m - Dr. Escherich 
CAB­04­M8S4­M8B4­05   Dr. Escherich  Connection / message line, 5m Connecting cable for SMART ION 10, length 5m, PUR M8 4-pin male to M8 4-pin female - Dr. Escherich 
TCCON10­08   Dr. Escherich  TAIFUN-CLEAN CONTROL10 Dimensions: approx. 196.6 x 121 x 136 mm (LxWxH) Current consumption: max. 250 mA Sensor: PNPNO, 4pol. M8Steckverbinder Number of connections for sensors: max. 8th Switch-on delay of the monitoring: 2 seconds - Dr. Escherich 
CAB­17­M12B17­OE­10   Dr. Escherich  Connection / reporting line, 10m - Dr. Escherich 
FIL­K­400­400­150­M5­DZ   Dr. Escherich  Compact filter ESUC 41-152 Filter class: M5 Dimensions: 400 x 400 x 150 mm Nominal flow rate: 1200 m³ / h Initial pressure difference at nominal flow rate: 65 Pa Seal on the supply side - Dr. Escherich 
ALC­055­ESD   Dr. Escherich  Hose clamp DN55 ESD with grounding wire - Dr. Escherich 
ALS­055­N   Dr. Escherich  Suction hose DN55 PUR Wall: highly abrasion-resistant polyester polyurethane, permanently dissipative - Dr. Escherich 
101717   Dr. Escherich  Type: ESUC61. Supply unit with exhaust fan and exhaust filter for operating cleaning appliances. Extraction: max. 390 m³ / h, max. 3700 Pa (fan characteristics). Weight: about 70 kg. - Dr. Escherich 

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