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38510   Dynamic Systems  Projector nozzle fluid: water, work pressure 60 PSI material aluminium high flow equipment: test machine gleeble model 3500  
GN2878K   Dynamic Systems  Mounting block application load cell test chamber gleeble  
GN2878J   Dynamic Systems  Mounting block application interconnection between the test body and fitting grip, equipment: test chamber gleeble machine  
GN2872C   Dynamic Systems  Copper grounding flexible lead shape flat, material: copper, parallel lamina  
HN102   Dynamic Systems  Superbolt carbon steel  
HN101A   Dynamic Systems  Torque screw  
VLV129   Dynamic Systems  Needle valve 1/8 IN body material, stainless steel, 60 PSI, application gleeble machine model 3500  
GN2881ASO1   Dynamic Systems  Spray nozzle fluid water, work pressure 60 PSI, material aluminium equipment, test machine gleeble model 3500  
Dynamic Systems  Kit for test machine gleeble  
GAUGE015   Dynamic Systems  Manometro diameter 50 mm, 0 - 350 Bar, 0 - 5000 PSI, color display white, nummers black, type of connection rear eccentric, material connection brass, flange type front case material steel, carbon, finish chrome plated, filling Glycerin, SET Equipment  

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