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VSARP225C (ex. SVA 25C25T01RP)   Econex  Valve 1" 230V/50-60Hz Pmax 200 mbar  
AR2C3132-S18   Econex  Powermotor  
MRVA50BNCT01   Econex  Coil 115 V / 50 - 60 Hz.  
ARC3150-S   Econex  Elettric rotary gear motor serie AR2., shaft 9,5mm; 230V 50-60Hz; Rotation 20°--180°; 60s/90°; 20Nm; 2,5 Kohm  
26200012   Econex  Servo motor with valve for S.W. KILN-nr. 13, motor type AB1C3132-S, S/N 10334/G, normally, hold torq 5/3 NM, 230 V, 4,5 VA, T60 SEC, 90°, pot 1 KOhm, Pos-nr. YS-10, DWG-nr. ST-340.04.5002, page-nr. 61, valve type MDV, B-126, SACMI S/N 22710 for SW 1-ST  
VFR100   Econex  Valve seal DN100 PN16  
M1402WE   Econex  Servomotor 110 VAC 50 Hz. 85 W 50 NM 10 sec.  
VFW-100(DGR0036QS99602)   Econex  Valve butterfly held inner for gas DN 100, lever manual commando yellow color, body valve spheroidal cast iron, disc butterfly in galvanized spheroidal cast iron, center in held black buna, tree of commando steel INOX416, attacks WAFER PN16, 97/23/ECID  
S03-120EB102-S/04800   Econex  Actuator rotating electrical worker series 03: angle of spin 90°, time of spin 10 S, 115 VAC 50-60 Hz., 2 x adjustable auxiliary microswitches, brace 60 NM, station of commando AUTO/MAN and OPEN/CLOSE  
AB1C2002   Econex  DRIVE  

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