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ME400   ABS  Pump Hochdruck Hydraulik Rocker U. CO size 2"  
J12-WKS   ABS  Pump sump contractor series Jumbo (submersible) C/W 20 MTS cable anf CEE Plug and with KS float switch, 1,2 kW 5,2 Amps, 230 V, 1 phase, 50 Hz. 2750 RPM,  
JUMBO24ND   ABS  Pump submersible 4"AG. Duscharge connection and 20 metres cable 400V 50 Hz, 2,2KW, 5,5A  
FR150/150-38CB2   ABS  ABS pump with base coupling and motor of 75 kW 4-pole mechanical seal side suction silicon carbide / silicon carbide mechanical seal side Coupling Steel / Graphite  
06085624   ABS  Submersible sewage pump AS0830.205 S22/4 [ex. AS 0830.205 S22/4D]  
MF354-W   ABS  Dirty water pump nr. 01399200, S/N 0041641 31/2004, 32 cbm/h, 10 m, hose fitting with tube bend and fixed coupling 1 1/2", motor 1,1 kW, 2900 UpM, 230 Volt, 4,8 Amp, cabel L = 10 mt., nr. 00133411  
MFVO-504WKS   ABS  Immersion pump with float switch 013999224-SN0007779-33/2001, wheel: 110/6, 37 m3/h, medium: dirty water, motor P1:2,05 kW, P2:1,3 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz., 2900 RPM, IP68, 10 m cable  
AFP-1045-M-220/4D   ABS  Pump 42,25A, 22KW, 50Hz, 400/690V  
AS0840.142-S26/2-D07+10-KFM   ABS  Pump 500 V / 3 / 50 Hz. complete with flange, plate and chain  
AS ULDP   ABS  Pressure transmitter 0-20MB  

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