Turin Knows It Conferences Palace Sanpaolo-imi Offices

UNITEC participates to the Day of study on the topic “The ITALIAN PMI OF FOREHEAD To the CHALLENGE Of The E-commerce: WHICH OPERATING CHOICES”

Turin – Paul will carry out itself near Knows it Conferences to it of the Saint Palace Offices – Imi in Via Lugaro 15 Thursday 2 Decembers 1999 a convention entire dedicated to the topic of the great present time: “the Italian PMI of forehead to the challenge of the E-Commerce. Which operating choices “.
The organized seminary is from Intermediate, that is the European Observatory on the average interactive you for the Marketing and from the Managing club of Computer science of Turin.
Interveranno which relatori, witnesses who operate in fornitrici companies of instruments and services of e-commerce: Pier Sicurella, Sorrentino Lucky person, Ermanno Delia, Sergio Cipri, Sergio Pomero, Marine Vincenzo, Gabriel Sigismondi, Gerad Smal and Marine Vincenzo.
The sponsored day of study from Borsella Consulting, Bull Italy, Mount of the paschi of Siena, You know, Saint Group Paul Imi, Study Rooster, Study teos, Tecnes Consulting and Telecom Italy, all companies engaged in the field of the search and the development of of the electronic commerce. The 1999 is the more parts defined like the year of carried out for one first increase of the Internet customers and the applications of electronic Commerce in our country.
Draft still of relatively more low numbers to those of other European countries, but that they denote a first concrete interest of the operating Italians towards this phenomenon.
This day of job is born from the requirement to make to comprise above all to the Italian enterprises and to the PMI, than they have not still picked the upgrades of the world-wide net, the possibility of development for just business to gloabale level. It follows program of the day:


Which political for the electronic commerce in Italy?


The PMI of forehead to the challenge of the e-commerce: expectations and proposals of solutions.


The not technological aspects of the electronic commerce.
The day of study indicated in the program that it precedes proposes to start a reflection process on the thematic ones over listed.