Industrial districts and Logistic: one challenge and an alliance winning for the increase and the occupation.

International convention Montebelluna

26 the 25 the International Convention of and February 2000 represents the conclusive moment of plan ADAPT that it has been involved, beyond to the Italian districts of Montebelluna and Altamura also the French district of Rouen and that German of Wurzburg.
It objects you of the convention are:

  • To inform the national and international public opinion on turns out to you and on the problematic puttinges in light from the plan, it is through the phase of search is through the formative phase;
  • Sensibilizzare the actors of the district – entrepreneurs, responsibles of the logistics, etc. – on the peculiarity and the problematic one of the PMI districts;
  • To plan and to propose innovatice solutions on the logistic issues in the two districts taken in analysis from the plan, also through the benchmarking with innovatice experiences of other interdistrettuali economic truths.