All house, office and computer – a Neapolitan of reciprocation – virtual warehouses …

Telelavoro? The magical word perhaps is already exceeded before still to be born. And while a large one is made to speak about the experimentation of the job to house for 7 mila employs to you English of the British Telecom or for some thousand of be them Italian, the experts interrogate themselves on the true revolution of the next ones anni:l’ e-work, the electronic work, that is the job via Internet. “Because”, explains itself Angel Failla, 42 years, responsible of the field Studies and Searches of Foundation IBM, “is just true how much said 80 years the economist Alfred Marshall”. Ago what said the teaching predelight from Keynes? “It supported that the importance of one new idea destined to provoke epochal changes, and nearly never not comprised in full load from the generation that has it prodotta”. Second the guru of the field, hour as far as the understanding of the potentialities of the new technologies is happening. Failla Says: “there are too many optical illusions; us firm to the journalistic suggestion. The truth and that the job, all that that agrees for job, will change to skin and substance. And the advent of the world the ribalterà and-job: professional categories spariranno; others will be born some; they will change the rhythms and the ways of life end in the tiniest quotidianità; and the mentality of the persons, the same conscience, will be placed on new territories. The e-commerce and and business two are alone understood them of this history. And the telelavoro, about which a lot it is spoken, it will occupy, perhaps, a capoverso”. The draft of one diffuse conviction. Marco Maiocchi has 53 years. In 1978 it founded with two connects of the Polytechnic of Milan (Roberto Polillo and Alberto Cazziol) the Etnoteam, society for the solution of the enterprise problems through the computer science technologies. Today Etnoteam, presided from Roberto Galimberti, invoice with 550 collaborators beyond 90 billions and tip to the quotation in Ag within the year. Exactly as the controlled (founded in the ‘ 94 and of which the financier American George Soros has as soon as found 20%), that he previews for the next year a turnover of 80 billions: Maiocchi illustrates the state of the art with an example.

The gift of ubiquity

maiocchi“This morning”, says, “has taken a coffee to the bar. Then they have gone in office. I have read to the mail and the relations that were on my writing desk. I have written answers and re-united the collaborators. Later, with mine assistant, I have organized the agenda for tomorrow. Then gone in the archives to make a search, for which I have consulted also three experts. I have acquired of the books and reserved the aerial ticket, the hotel and the car for the fine week. Hour I will return to the bar for an aperitif “. One normal day? Not just. “the innovation”, says Maiocchi, “is that the only sure physical place in this history is the bar. All the rest, by now, does not correspond more to a physical place or a precise time. The man has acquired the gift of the ubiquità, has realized the disintermediazione of the space and the time. And the sense of the metaphors is changed. If I say a collaborator to leave something on my writing desk, knows well that I speak about my portable computer. If there is a reunion, is sure one computer science conference. The archives are all that that is accessible to the world through the net. “To call itself” it means to colloquiare via email, more effective and little intrusivo of the telephone “. It changes the shape, but above all it exits stravolta the substance of the job. “To speak about a working hours, an office, the customary control systems of the productivity or the efficiency, of masters de of dependent it becomes not only inadequate but quite lacking in sense”, it says Maiocchi. “the traditional control of the productivity is ended. It is only worked for obbiettivi. The future is in the Total quality management. All this door to the increase of the participation concept. That one introduced from the net is a total cultural change, to leave, as an example, from the same roots of the right of the job “.

To always and everyway work

faillaIt can seem therefore paradoxical, but the and-job seems to go just in opposite direction to that one of the telelavoro. Other that job word.word. The perspective is the exact contrary: to be able to always work and ovunque, with an ability to connection and interaction total and a level of involvement (that it means also motivation) in impennata verticale.”Anche because “, says Giovanni Pedde, general manager for Italy of the Paramount, “the true moment of learning and of challenge it is in the human contact. And the modern organizations, above all those of matrix north American, consider the job of square and the charismatic function of the head like unavoidable elements “. The net, insomma, more than like technological instrument in order to create a peripheral job, evolverà in opposite direction: to dip in full load the activity characterizes them, free from ties of the space and the time, in the great magma of all how much, ovunque, is in a position to conversing and interacting, in one incessant, and truly total, pulsione. “Just for questo”, Failla still says,” the economic truths that will not be placed in net will not be not only expanded, but in relatively short times the conditions will not have more in order to survive. All, from the information to the resources, it is by now in net. And it is here that the organization passes not as well as to the information how much. Naturally on condition that if of it make a use aware, effective and intelligent “, beyond that one they, that she often sees situated web like one the simple display window, or Internet like post office box puts into effect them. Someone, to attempt in these new dimensions, is already trying. And Capital has selected three exemplary history, without borders and all Italians.

A Neapolitan of reciprocation

You take a Neapolitan who to Naples decides not to be “because in order to work, at least until some year it makes, or he came down to compromises with politicians or pacts with the racket”. It transports it to you in one linda city to the doors of Monaco di Baviera; it makes it you to work for one dozen of years in the field of the robotics. Finally dategli one solid acquaintance of the world of computer science and makes it you to return Neapolitan, at least from the creative point of view. The result of the cocktail is Vincenzo Marino, 42 years, the inventor of the first total telematico service for the management of supplyings and industrial pieces of reciprocation. Simple history dictates therefore seems one. But the result promises to be for the enterprises still more shattering than what, for it gets passionate you to it of reading, it is the Amazon di Jeff Bezos (Capital, March 1999). “Whichever company in whichever part of the world”, says Marino, “hour end can to order through we necessary an industrial member to the production or to the maintenance of the own systems, and to receive it in variable time from little hours to a maximum of two days”. In practical the Unitec system (this the name of the society of Marino), concurs to enter in contact with some migliaia of warehouses of as many companies, to select with an only procedure which servants, to authorize the purchase order. From this moment it is Unitec that supplies to the finding of the goods from the various origins and to the delivery. With the advantage, for the purchaser, to carry out an only order, to operate in the national language, and above all to receive to the end an only invoice. “Every single purchase order”, explains Marino, “coast to a company from some hundred of migliaia of Liras to a pair of million. It does not have importance that it cares one single screw or an entire container. They are inner procedures to the offices acquires, the control shapes, the possible misfortunes to render the costs therefore elevates to you “. And Marino it guarantees a result: a saving for the company, par at least to 50%. “In industrial field”, it says, “the true savings can by now be realized more in the offices that in the production processes, already you to the maximum rations”. For this it is in vertical increase the number of the societies (between the other Ilte, Piaggio, Iveco, Michelin, Bridgestone, Teksid) that they not only address to he for the purchase of the reciprocations, but also for the management of supplyings lawyers to the normal productive cycle.

Virtual Warehouses

capitalmarinoTherefore the savings are also on others depositors. Marine it is in fact constituting the first virtual warehouses of area. “Every company”, explains, “carries out huge investments in the warehouse of pieces of reciprocation. And often, in a same industrial district, similar companies have analogous supplyes. We put the single availabilities in net, rendering them intersecabili in necessity case. A our job is therefore also that one to trace the piece that serves from who has it of supply and it does not use it, to turn it immediately to who have some must, and to replace in little hours the empty one created in the original warehouse. In this way the investments decrease characterize them and improve for everyone the guarantee of being able would arrange that that the servants in emergency “. With the same philosophy a virtual consortium of purchase will be born also. Unitec in fact can accorpare homogenous orders of the most various origin, dulling better prices. Therefore in the center of Gersthafen, between batteries of computers that animate an independent logical system a display window of specialists (in great part Italian and assign to you to double within the year) they will carry this year the turnover (that it was of 10 billions in 1998) to beyond 50 billions.

Printer of the Web

To innovate always they have been accustoms to you. Since, in the years 50, Adolph Frigoli determined to transform one small category of the country (Castrezzato; in the bresciana lowland) in printing office, gradually inserting technical and systems of vanguard. But the true blow of wing has had it three years ago the son Alberto, 49 years. Of forehead to the advent of Internet it understood just that the net could have been an opportunity of expansion of its business, while many its connects lived instead this innovation like one true and own threat. “Internet”, says, “is not that one varying in the world of the communication. And if my customers (16 mila, for a turnover of 50 billions, ndr) want situated web and electronic pages rather than the dépliant on paper, a lot is worth produrli “. Today to Polygraphic the Saint Faustino (that it maintains to the name of the old category) 50 dependent on the 200 total ones are graphical and created dedicates you you to the computer science production. But it has been also one ulterior and unexpected evolution.” Me in fact they are rendered conto”, says Frigoli, “that the customers for which I produced electronic solutions of communication tried also new roads of sale”. Therefore a true one and just ipermercato( to the inside is been born which tens of enterprises enjoy a sale space just. Opened officially in the september of the slid year, articulated in 60 various display windows (soon they will be 70), is based on a sale software much simple one for the customer and, thanks to a put protected system to point with to Carialo, totally sure in the payments.

Under The Dressed Internet

The past year has produced and sold in every part of the module 45mila dresses from spouse and turnover 110 billions. All the heads on measure, and all realize thanks to you to the net Emiliano Costantino, 47 years, have general its quartier to Vinosa, in Puglia. To the age of 18 years, given a degree to to full ballots skillful technical, it was endured assumed to the Italsider of Taranto. You week remained one. L to Felicetta mother, than from when it had 13 years sewed trapunte for the equipments of the spouses, and gradually it was last to commercialize inner equipments and dresses from spouse white men, it wanted it beside sé.Ma Costantino preferred, before, to take a period in the United States “I enrolled myself to Harvard, where they are graduated to me in economy aziendale”, it says, “at the same time I worked in the company cured the race of Jimmy Carter to the presidency. I made part of its staff. I matured personally and professionally, until feeling to me ready to become adviser of the family enterprise “. It returned in 1974 and it acquired its first computer. The l turned out? Imagined one whichever girl of Tokyo, or Los Angeles or of London, that it enters in one of the 2 mila operating within the national health service storees Costantino, and chooses on the catalogue the model that that prefers, bringing all varying it thinks opportune, and adding the necessary accessories. Through Internet they come endured sended to Ginosa not only these information, but also one digital image them of the future spouse and its measures. A special program elaborates in company from a Team guided from the same Costantino is in a position to sending back to Tokyo(o ovunque in the world), in less than five minuteren, the photographic elaboration of the dressed interested one of the dress that it dreammed of possession. And if the customer finds the proposal satisfactory, the production order comes immediately forwarded to the competent productive unit for zone: in Thailandia (520 dependent) for the markets of Asia and Oceania; in Mexico (250 assigned) for the continent American; or in Tunisia (75 assigned) for Europe. Within 72 hours the dress, perfectly on measure, comes recapitato. “With this sistema”, Costantino says, “is hour first to propose also heads from spouse of high fashion signed from the designer Francisco Arena. And it is before griffe to the world, to how much turns out to us, being sold on measure in net “.