New operating of logistic-transports and the evolution of the infrastructural net;

From the book:
Industrial districts and technologies of net: to plan the convergence
edited by S.Micelli, E. Di Maria

Extracted of:
The logistics like organizational infrastructure of the global economy
by Giancarlo Corò

New operating of logistic-transports and the evolution of the infrastructural net

In the international panorama of the logistic services they are showing oneself new operating, some of which have tried to extend and to innovate the traditional services of tracking , while others potentially propose more radical solutions much for the logistics industriale.(…) The Information based integrator important category of operating logistic represents one. Their function is that one to supply one “virtual platform” for supplyings in the supply chain . Managing account thirds party the purchase orders more enterprises, succeed to reduce the costs of supplyes and warehouses, to dull lower prices to the suppliers (are why they are in a position to analyzing piú a wide phantom of offer that for the greater power of market of which they decide), and to assure a more efficient access to the services operated to you of the logistics, to which they can resort in outsourcing . On this forehead of business to elevated cognitive content many various – studies of advising are being oriented operating coming from from areas that beyond suggesting solutions are proposed like providers of the services (service Application provider); industrial groups that have acquired critical acquaintances in the management of extend nets of supplies and that, through opened business portali, put to service more nets the know-how acquired (are the case of FIAT with Hello Web); responsibles of the acquired units and supplying of manifacturing enterprises that, through spin-off , propose to the same parent companies the greater economies of scale of a service not dedicated (a case from handbook are UNITEC of Augsburg).

This employed terziaria intelligence in the management of the logistic flows could, online of principle, to resolve to favor of the PMI localized in peripheral areas regarding the great flows of traffic, the problem of the gerarchizzazione of the logistic systems bases to you on the principle hub and spoke : this organizational logic stretches to extend in the s pace, by means of greater economies of scale in the transport, upgrades them of accessibility to the logistic nets, favoring the coupling to more efficient and less expensive chains of distribution. it could therefore be asserted that – given precise conditions in the utilizzatori – the logistics always stretches more to characterize itself as commodity whose usefullness consists in supplying to the enterprises an access express in order to participate to the total nets of division of labor. However, for many PMI the interconnection to the logistic nets at all is not discounted: in order to obtain compatible services in terms of cost and quality with the merceologiche tipologie and the specific productive organization (…) it is necessary to realize economies of scale through the cooperation with enterprises of the same field (…) and to equip themselves to the just inner one of adapted logistic interfaces, in a position to reducing the informative asymmetries with the operating ones it specializes to you and to avoid the classics problems of “capture”.