Virtual warehouse for the companies;

netsourcingIt has been recently developed from UNITEC a technology that puts to disposition a true one and just virtual warehouse for the companies. The things work more or less therefore: we consider that various companies, also concurrent, use the same items in their productive chain or sell produced similari, can use a common warehouse and this warehouse comes continuously dawned and resupplied, with bubbles controlled, paid invoices and that the company receives for all this one single invoice to the year. That concurs to avoid reorders and overdimensioned stoccaggi or sottodimensionati, disguidi of supplying, the continuous control of the bubbles.
Also in the purchases of the supplyes the possibility to negotiate the cumulative purchase to savings of remarkable entity. Wanting to make a hypothesis in the arc of three years from the adoption of the virtual platform, the warehouse would not cost more and could quite constitute assets for the sale of material in supply to other making companies part of the same platform that of it had necessity.