Virtual Warehouse? It is already truth!;

Once, and perhaps still today, in the small countries where all were known, there were already a primordiale shape of virtual warehouse. All the families had, put, a sure amount of alimentary supplyes in pantry and if, in emergency case, two eggs or more oil lacked, confidence could be made on the availability of some close obliging. If every family of the country had, for absurdity, conceived a common warehouse supplyes, based on the real necessities of everyone, in programmed time and motion, would have obtained a optimization of the stocks, the availability in every house of greater spaces and a consequent economic saving of the community.

Transporting this concept in world business and in… 2000, where the technological progresses upset us every day for the velocitá with which they move, discover that the Unitec society has developed a technology that puts to disposition a true one and just virtual warehouse for the companies.

The things work more or less therefore: we consider that various companies, also concurrent, use the same items in their productive chain or sell produced similar, can use a common warehouse and that this warehouse comes continuously dawned and resupplied, with bubbles controlled, paid invoices and that the company receives for all this one single invoice to the month.

Which can be the savings? Nothing more reorders and overdimensioned stoccaggi or sottodimensionati, nothing more disguidi than supplyings, nothing more necessity than control than bubbles, invoices to pay and human resources distolte from Core business of the company.
Also in the purchases of the supplyes the possibility to negotiate the comulativo purchase would carry to savings of remarkable entity.

Wanting to make a hypothesis in the arc of three years from the adoption of the virtual platform, the warehouse would not cost more and could quite constitute assets for the sale of material in supply to other making companies part of the same platform that of it had necessity. The adoption of the virtual warehouse allows therefore to eliminate the overhead managerial, to take advantage itself of synergies negotiates them and organizational, to have use of of greater reductions in price on the purchases, to guarantee one better reperibilitá of the supplies with relative elevation of the qualitative standards you, to diminish the structure costs.

The availability to 100% of just the warehouse to cost zero is the dream of all the companies.