The Quality is with the origin of all the things and is the object and the aim of the daily job of whichever productive organization or whichever person to the job.


The Quality is with the origin of all the things and is the object and the aim of the daily job of whichever productive organization or whichever person to the job.
Abstract sound?
Or the topic of the Quality is puts into effect them and real?
We see.
They are of the beginning the 2003 words wounded deeply of the Head of the State that has asked our entrepreneurs “ a release for pride in order to return to being competitive you “. Shared words are from the former general secretary of the Cgil that does not stop to speak about the “ necessity for the Italian enterprises to elevate the quality of their products ” that give the outgoing president of the Italian manufacturers who give the beginning of its mandate emphasize as it is “ unthinkable that the competitiveness makes without quality and solo lowering the costs, for which is priority to carry the investments not on the production processes, but just on the products “.
Hour, the primary objective of an enterprise and anyone works is, naturally, the money: to make profits .
And all we would want to make of many and with the minimal effort.
But the fact that produced and services for which the enterprises and same we come it pays to you – and is estimated – from our customers they are in competition on the free market; that it is not an abstraction of intellectuals naïf . But the cause, as an example, of the next failure of the industry of the Italian car.
The Italians see the publicity, inquire themselves on several the models of car, visit the concessionaire, ask the prices and estimate the quality .
And they buy a foreign car.
Therefore, in 10 years, not hardly the customs duties have decreased and the European market is open, here industrial, economic and human the catastrophe which we are assisting.
While analogous processes of opening of the markets are in order to touch the banks, the assurances, all the companies of services, the transports, the editoria and the rest of the manifacturing industry. And the Italian tourist places even must fear the competition of the beautiful Countries near Italy that offer services of increasing quality to lower prices.
Of agreement with Italian Antitrust that has fined to them, you could object that the assurances, instead, have been put of agreement and that the prices of the policies are triple to you just from the intentional liberalizzazione from the UE.
But you have felt to speak about Internet and to make sure on-linens? Even with one new foreign company that offers policies to a third party of the price of the competition that it waits for to you, gongolando, in office?
Five years the five and getlteman of the assurances will begin to suffer the pains that they have already begun to suffer their colleagues from the travel agencies and those from the airlines. And then they will begin the pure problems for they.
Competition and technology are called, darling.
The public administrations do not work? The personal public works to the maximum 3 hours to the mattino and then “he recovers”? The university university professors and the investigators of the Agencies of search publics do not make null ?
Of agreement, you will say. They are to outside of the free market. They do not have to compete for the money of the customers; but they must serve the community . That is, the others.
It does not interest to us.
And instead here: the foreign investments in Italy are lowest of Europe; the young people graduate “turandosi the nose”, they do not know as to write a curriculum and they do not have no practical experience not even if they have attended course of laboratory or fact stage in enterprise: therefore, to the first opportunity (and especially best) they leave our Country feeding a devastating phenomenon of brain-drain that it empties Italy of its same future depriving it of its revives more important.
The international enterprises do not make new investments in Italy because – to part those very inserted from many years in the circuit of the public supplies – they do not want to have to that making with inefficient Public Administration and a legislative system monstre , only the world, with beyond 50mila laws and varied migliaia of regional, provincial and communal regulations.
And with rates corruption from Third World where the continuous arrests for several the sanitary supplies to the Asl or those for the street jobs – from the rich Lombardy, to the poor Calabria – render very clearly to all, manager international and Italian entrepreneurs, the way with which the Italian public administrations provision.
In Ag to Milan there are less than 300 quoted companies, of which many they are holding with infinite participation in a market opaque and lacking in efficiency in which – and very before the Parmalat case — already in the introduction of the book law as “ the system of the certification of enterprise it is deeply corrupt “; while the new economy it has emptied the pockets to the thrifty people who have not resistito to the sirene of the money that generates money, pregiudicando for many years to come whichever possibility of development of the securities market.
In the Country there are then 4,3 million PMI with inferior a medium number employee to 4; 1400 persons die on the every job year, 1 million infortunano one seriously and 30% of the PIL come produced in black.
Nevertheless, we are the same one we become to you rich, Italian. The tenth economy of the world, beyond that Country member of the G8.
All good, then? Beh, the fact is that naturally draft of a system of crescent inefficiency and lacking in quality , in which 22% of the taxes collections it goes to pay interests on the public debit accumulated (huge of Europe) and the rest comes swallowed from health , pensions and school (the last one of the Ocse Countries to every detection of last the 10 years): leaving us without resources in order to finance the search and the technological innovation or also in order to only renew the net of infrastructures, firm they give beyond 20 years.
With it turns out to you that they are looked at.
One indefensible situation; that Italian we must change, persons and enterprises, in order to avoid some are swept up.
To change inspiring our job to the quality is what we can and would have to make. But if been thinking next to ISO and the 9000 ridicule certification of enterprise, you are outside road.

Book of Mario Pagliaro
WAYS edition, January 2004 – 334 pp. formed A4
256 photographies, 80 situated references to books, articles and web.
With the preface of Stefano Cottages and the participations of the Medal Goethe Leoluca Bordering and of Antonio Tombolini, Mario Rossi, Antonello Perricone, Giacomo Silvestri, Alex Sorokin, Igor Righetti, Michele and Romano Bonfiglioli