The Virtual Warehouse (

To the base of the offer of logistic services of the Unitec German there is a simple task: it is not necessary that a company holds in warehouse semifinished or a raw materials if knows where reperirla and it knows that it will be able to make it in useful time. is the situated one recently launch from active the German company in all Europe in order to introduce its solution of integrated logistics, than applied to a group of enterprises or quite to an entire industrial district it allows at the same time to reduce the dimension of the warehouse of the single company increasing the amount and the variety of products which it it can approach in the moment in which the of manifest necessity. The result is a cost reduction of warehouse to level of single enterprise and an increase of the availability upgrades them of assets to quantitative and qualitative level.
The secret is in making of the single business warehouses an only warehouse through an integration, naturally virtual, based on an infrastructure data transmission.

In other words the single company reduces its warehouse of semifinished products, because thanks to a net data transmission can approach the very greater amount and variety of assets of the virtual warehouse, which it is not other that integration of the information of coming from availabilities from I placed you of the other companies participants to the plan.
The integral solution three various elements: the warehouses of the single enterprises, the computer science infrastructure and data transmission and the cetralized administration of the logistics of the group of enterprises. Unitec acts as from amminstratore of the logistics and the computer science infrastructure. The single companies continue to manage their the smaller and less expensive warehouse sending to Unitec the information on the own availability. The game would have to work in the Italian industrial districts in how much the PMI of a district, beyond to being many neighbors physically, has similar constitutions of warehouse and technologies much. To case the first applications of happening have not been implemented between structures hospitals worker pertaining to the same city, in situations, therefore, in which they reran geographic vicinity, similar constitutions of warehouse and technological levels of the same type. The single companies can contact Unitec directly and to gradually experience the benefits of the solution on the MagazzinoVirtuale Centers them, NetSourcing.

Normally the MagazziniVirtuali comes activated on initiative of leader of district or local entrepreneurial associations.