Interview to Vincenzo Marino Unitec general manager by Praxa.

Interview to Vincenzo Marino Unitec general manager by Praxa.

To benefit who has not read Access by Jeremy Rifkin could explain practically that what means to transform a product “from real to virtual and then from virtual of new to real”? Better still, it could explain that what means practically in your offer of services?

It means that not always it is necessary to possess “in native place” a good if where I can find in a useful time me available. If the availability (information) is sure can approach the good and then take of “possession”. In other words possession of the good and possession of the information of the availability of the good they can be exchanged.

To possess many assets (warehouse) coast a lot why it engages understood them and structures, to possess the information on the availability of the assets very less costs and is equivalent until the moment of the use of the good. This concept is applied perfectly just to the warehouses where the availability is sure but the use is upgrades them.

Therefore I can to assert that until moment of use of assets, if I have the certainty to approach however to they when I want, I prefer for economic reasons to possess the assets virtually that is to possess the information in order to obtain them. Our offer of services (integrated) consists in “virtually selling” before the assets that is their “availability” and when then the customer of it has need, if never of it it has need, to transform the availability in “possession” with supplying and the delivery of the corporal good.

This modality concurs with the utilizzatori of ns. the services to obtain enormous savings is on the “possession” of the assets that of the administrative managements connected to the business processes correlate you to supplyings and warehouse.

It could schematically explain as a virtual Warehouse works?

The Virtual Warehouse is an integrated service and is composed from three elements of base:

  • real warehouses
  • logistic connections optimize and administration to you
  • Computer science infrastructure

The real warehouses are managed from the companies participants; B and C are managed from UNITEC.

The Virtual Warehouse finds its natural positioning in the territorial groupings of economic actors, the industrial districts.

The industrial, sanitary or agricultural districts are groupings of actors participants to the same chain of the value in a specific territory (exactly determinable geographic areas).

The companies of a district, are industries, hospitals or other, has in common some peculiarities:

  • They share the same territory
  • Maestranze share the same Know How () and are on the same technological level
  • They have of the comparable operating structures (in scale)
  • Utilzzano and/or transforms the same raw materials and industrial members

In a district of 50 Km of beam exists 400 companies medium participants to the same chain of the value. These facts show that in the district enormous “redundancies” are generated spontaneously are managerial that structural that however, till now, could not be avoided from the single companies.
In the modern context, with the aid of the new technologies of net and the new logistic modalities it is possible to take part drastically on these redundancies reducing them and therefore escape “it wastes” in the district recovering economic resources, spaces and structures consequently and increasing the competitiveness of market of the operating ones.

In fact with the Virtual Warehouse single the operating ones reduce their level of physical supplyes of assets without to renounce to the availability and maintaining the confidentiality of information. They participate of fact to create a combined question of district that contributes to reduce the purchase prices of the assets and free frozen economic resources in immobilizes in order to use them productively. The devised Virtual Warehouse from Unitec allows moreover the entrepreneurs to render just the warehouse in assets sharing, also anonymously, the lyings with the other operating ones. Also the obsolescences assume in this context a value.

What is the iter of a plan of realization of a virtual warehouse to level of industrial district and with which strategies happens the aggregation of the companies around the plan?

The constitution of a Virtual Warehouse can be started is from the capofila of the chain of the value that gives the agencies premails to the development of the district. The aggregation can be a spontaneous fact which had to the economic advantages deriving. It is important but that in the district the information to cure of the main exponents of the same district is diffused.

An entrepreneur consults the presentation of the virtual Warehouse on your situated one and he is convinced of the interest of this solution. Which thing fairies you in the moment in which you receive one its email of demand information?

It will be contacted from our technical-commercial structure in order to acquire the first information on objects you of the entrepreneur. With the analysis of first they give to you we supply in short time an indication of upgrades them of saving and reduction costs. If the entrepreneur is satisfied from the expectations we can immediately start the constitution of the Virtual Warehouse. If the Virtual Warehouse of district is already active we will include the enterprise in that context if instead it is the first one of the area will be included in our Virtual Warehouse Centers them ( and later on provvederemo to inform the district of the constitution of their Virtual Warehouse.

It could tell in some line a case to me relative study to European Italian experiences of district or also?

In Italy they exist at the moment beyond 200 industrial districts. In the composition of these it combines to you economic prevail the small enterprises with less than 9 assigned and a level of informatizzazione not still very developed. Regarding the industrial districts to the foreign country we introduce a fragmentation much elevating and this involves that the coordination in the districts is much complex.

In some districts where the capofila they are large companies medium like to Montebelluna (district of the scarpone), the district of the marble and that one of tiles have been marked a concrete interest to the meaningful economies that the Virtual Warehouse of district concurs. The work of spread of the information in the districts is work of some University professors of the university of Padova, the Scientific Park and Technological “Galileo” of the CNR and the Chamber of Commerce of Mantova.

Also the agricultural field has shown interest in an application of “Cooled” Virtual Warehouse that it allows to optimize the use of the stoccaggio warehouses during the processes of transformation of the agricultural and food- products. The stoccaggio warehouses are still one of the more important factors of cost and a optimization would have like result a positive riadeguamento of the final prices of market.

The level of attention is in increase also in the sanitary structures for which Unitec has developed some scenes of application of the Virtual Warehouse in a sanitary district giving life to the “Virtual Hospital” that promises to enormous economies and the drastic reduction of “spechi” the structural ones.