In the Virtual Warehouse, To optimize the times and the procedures of purchase;

The reduction of the supplyes of warehouse practiced from an always greater number of companies has carried turns out meant you of economy financial institution to you (in concrete terms the reduction of immobilizes), but it has induced a esponenziale increase of the complexity of the supplying process, with an outbreak of the costs correlates to you. Result: the companies always spend more in order to acquire more and more often separated of less and less huge products from an always greater number of suppliers. With this approach, the efficiency of the Office Purchases is reduced progressively.

For the suppliers who re-enter in wrap B and C (low-cost not strategic), the price of the products to provision is not more in economic relation with the managerial costs insides, in how much these exceed of many times the value of the same goodses.

It is obvious that in this case it is more meaningful – to the fine economic to take part on the costs and not a lot on the prices. Above all on the fixed costs of supplying, it that is convene proporzionare the costs to the necessities, so that the relationship between the cost and the efficiency of the Structures is direct and measurable. That today is possible, tramutando in all the or – more verosimilmente in part inner process of supplying in a service carried out in heavy automated way (thanks to the computer science technologies) and/or quite to acquire on the market (esternalizzazione). The transformation of the fixed costs in variable costs can therefore be spoken about Outsourcing (partial/total, suit/incomplete) of supplyings and be obtained that follow the business conjunctural course.

Today the outsourcing of supplyings concrete opportunity to disposition of the companies thanks above all to the spread of Internet and of the applications is one web; The E-Procurement is being born therefore. Several solutions exist in order to realize the E.Procurement.

The more interesting previews that numerous the single communications of necessities (demanded of information, estimates, orders, order ofs payment, etc.) they come convogliate through Internet – with the metaphor of the undercarriage of the expense – towards the procurement-provider, external company that then makes with all the management of the supplies integrally loaded.

E’ the case of Unitec, an Italian company with center to Sabaudia (LT) and Augsburg (Germany). We ask Marine Vincenzo – general executive manager of the company – what makes its organization. “We of Unitec transform the fixed costs in variable and we reduce them. Not only, we render the customers free to dedicate itself totally and calmly to just Core Business”. How succeeded to us? “Reducing the number of suppliers, managing them and training them. Integrating the supplies so that “a” delivery replaces hundred of arrivals and relati controls and operations to you of warehouse. And therefore invoicing “a” time to the month instead of migliaia of times. Unificando the currency, the term and the number of the payment to the supplier.

All these thanks to persons prepared and the computer science technology, interconnecting in fact our customers with junior clerks to you Internet (NetSourcing) and available 24 hours on the 24 in all languages and from whichever part of the world “. In practical one management completely via Internet of supplyings with reporting on-linens of the activity. An adoption of the integrated supply is effectively aimed at the cost reduction, but it allows also to obtain a optimization of the prices, creating pool of purchasers who operate in common merceologiche and technological areas and increasing therefore the purchase volume.

Not only. The E-Procurement allows to obtain also improvements of the logistic flow. The arrivals can be agree to you – with a clic of the mouse – so that the acceptance goodses can happen in restricted way and not more fragmentary. The warehouse operations can cosi be concentrated and to velocizzare; the dead times come reduced, increasing the efficiency of the prelocated structures. And the activities of control and the relati to you documents of delivery are reduced meaningfully. because the Web allows tracking complete via Internet of all attività/operazioni in course: terms of delivery, bubbles of delivery, prices, invoices, transports, etc.

But this revolution (technological, organizational and of process) of the Office Purchases does not introduce of the contraindications? The E-Procurement not modification meaningfully, above all in the phase begins them, the normal process of purchase already consolidated to the inside of the company. If not the velocizza and it reduces the administrative cargo, diminishing the paper amount and consequently the errors. We see best as the E-Procurement goes to ‘ E-Procurement on the company:

  • Purchases:
    unification and graduates them reduction of the demands and orders, except prompt, translations, etc;
  • Administration:
    an invoice that unifica more positions and suppliers, a single payment to a single fornìtore (the procurement-provider). Eventual elimination of the invoices of the conveyors;
  • Acceptance goods:
    one single bubble of delivery, reduction and simplification in the acceptance of the goodses;
  • Recording:
    the reduction of the number of the transactions (and the relati to you cartacei supports) involves an enormous decrease of the physical volume of the recordings and consequently the access to documents becomes simpler

To optimize the times and the procedures of purchase

Also IBM is shrewed that to transfer on the Web the phase of supplying she means to optimize the times and the procedures of purchase. They demonstrate some give you relati you to the structure of the multinational of computer science: in first semestre 1999 the company has acquired through Web three billions of dollars in goods and services realizing a saving of 110 million dollars. In the course of 1999, IBM has more qualified for the Web than 2. 800 suppliers through the installation of applications of E-Procurement. Thanks to such operation have previewed to acquire 9 billions of dollars in goods and services through Internet and to save 240 million dollars.
In the 1999 Big Blue it has always replaced expensive cartacee procedures (5 million dollars of invoices) with Web applications that allow more elevated level than integration with the suppliers. In IBM they do not hesitate to assert; “E-Procurement improved purchase processes: thanks to integration with the web, can more fastly be obtained and with greater puntualità the information on the market, the prices, the costs, the characteristics and the availabilities of the product. For we E-Procurement you want to say also to put in condition the professionals of the purchase for identifying the suppliers more effectively and for best leading to the negotiations ”
According to the company, the E-Procurement improves the speed, the reliability and the effìcienza of the transactions with the suppliers and allows one wider and effective collaboration. Without to then consider the own possibility to give a better service clienti(consegne the fastest ones) simplifying the always critical management of the warehouse.