The Unitec D is born answering to the requirement of the enterprises to optimize and to reduce the costs generates to you from the management more and more supplying international.

Unitec D (High Tech Industrieprodukte Vertriebs GmbH), is an enterprise with center to Augsburg (Germany), been born to the end of years ‘ 80 on initiative of the Italian entrepreneur Vincenzo Marino, that it had matured important experiences in the within of the field of the great systems of automation for the construction of motors vehicle to world-wide level.

The Unitec D is born answering to the requirement of the enterprises to optimize and to reduce the costs generates to you from the management more and more supplying international. The concepts and the relati to you services of ” Integrated Supply ” and ” Outsourcing of Supplyings ” (not to confuse with the activities of Purchase) that Unitec has studied in order to fulfill to the requirements of its customers, have satisfied fully the expectations clientelari, generating for the German company an important increase impulse.

The guarantee of the minimal saving of 25% on the operating costs that Unitec confirmation to its customers derives, beyond that from the specific competences, the high degree of automation of the processes caught up and from the networking interaziendale for which the company has invested and invests from always important resources.
For the realization of these systems, Unitec, has been equipped of an own structure for the development of applications client/server dedicated to the management paperless of the supplying processes and that later on, with the advent of Internet, they have given the way to the first activities of e-procurement.

The company has therefore the merit to have characterized and taken advantage of, with wide advance payment, the possibility to obtain consisting cost reduction legacies to the management of the supplying processes, through uses it of the net, the concepts of outsourcing and industrialization in the management, reception, elaboration and transmission of the information.

The mission that Unitec pursues is the continuous transformation for the customers of the business fixed costs in variable costs and, at the same time, one they reduction. In this way the customers of the service to dedicate itself exclusively and serenely to the own strategic activities of Core business, delegating all the managerial processes that normally absorb economic and professional resources, of fact embezzled to business other asset.

The companies customers, obtain moreover all a series of ulterior economies based on the aggregation of the purchases and the activity of international industrial brokeraggio.

The delegation to Unitec of the supplying activities, concurs to maintain the relations established with the own suppliers stable, in how much the choice of the suppliers continuous to being of total competence of the customer. It comes therefore delegated in outsourcing the single management of the supplying processes, until to the payment of the invoices.

The company has continued, and still continues, to develop concepts and services advance you for the companies (also public) between which it is possible to cite the “Virtual Warehouse” with some its specializations:

  • Virtual Hospital (for a sanitary district)
  • Cooled Virtual warehouse (for an agricultural and food- district)

The Virtual Warehouse

The Unitec offers to advance solutions for the logistics and supplyings (elogistic – eprocurement ) , proposing which Information based integrator. The enterprises customers, have the possibility to have use of also of services and instruments that allow to common supplyings and warehouses you flavored yourself.

The virtual Warehouse, possibility of optimization of the management of the supplyes and the “resupplies” represents in fact one.

Such solution has been studied above all for all those enterprises or agencies that is part of or more industrial districts or is rings of one chain of the value.

The new technologies of information and communication in fact, offer the possibility of sharing of the information, of goods and services.

An example is that one of the management of the business supplyes , where a specialistic and neutral operator regarding all the companies of the district, that he assures and he guarantees therefore the transparency for all the participants to the plan, UNITEC exactly, creates a virtual warehouse composed from the sum of the single business warehouses and supplies, centrally, to the activities of reorders of the acquired ones flavored itself.

The condition for the realization is:

  • one logistic standard and of communication
  • one relative geographic vicinity of the enterprises customers (beam of 50 Km)

The supplyes of every enterprise that participates to the plan, diminish immediately but, paradoxicalally, of it it increases the availability. The transformation of “a physical” object in “virtual” is realized conjugating the “possession of a good” to the possibility of “access to a good”.
The Virtual Warehouse is in fact an expression of the use that can be made of these possible transformations. It is the physical state of the objects, than their virtual state, they come considers you to the inside of the M.V. for which, we can define it, like a physicist-computer science hybrid . The sharing of the information , then allows to rationalize and to esternalizzare the management of the supplyes, physically present in the business warehouses.
Through the M.V. in fact, the supplyes are represented from the sum of the members, rendered available from the enterprises participants to the same M.V. and that they operate in one same territory. The model therefore, finds its particular point of reference in the industrial districts, where the possibility is given to share raw materials, semifinished and replacement parts.
With the M.V., one offers to all the enterprises of the district, a reduction of the supplyes to stoccare , without but to have to renounce to a ready availability of the same ones in case of necessity and, this, thanks to a managerial, logistic and computer science system that allows to the control in real time of all the necessary information for the co-ordinate and total management in I use of the same supplyes. In case of I use of supplyes from part of a company, beyond the limits of the own availability, Unitec, through the computer science system, it immediately supplies to the withdrawal of money of the goods from the warehouse of a company pertaining to the same district (or neighbor), and to I reorder of the same goods the supplier.
The entire district, works therefore like an only factory where, the M.V., is constituted physically from with of the property warehouses of the various companies, the whose management but, comes entrusted virtually, to Unitec.
The obtainable economies to the inside of the industrial districts, have therefore a great impact on all the chain of the national value.
The enterprises can consequently reorganize their supplyes in function exactly of the availability of the M.V. and the own operating necessities. The participants can therefore demand online the delivery of the materials of which they need and this, 24 hours on 24 .
With the M.V. therefore, the management of the supplyes comes standardized and the recycle obsolescences, therefore to allow an increase of the spin of warehouse and the availability of understood them, the before bound with the existence of one management of traditional type. The companies interconnected in such system, also have therefore the guarantee of an availability of matters, that it goes quite beyond that one possessed previously, not being the present supplyes in their warehouse.
Obviously, more enterprises participate to the such implementazione of solutions, minors will turn out the quotas matters to store, and parallel, greater they will be the quotas matters available.