a courtesy service of UNITEC

Which better occasion could be offered to a company that of being able to use a service in outsourcing of integrated supply to cost zero? Unitec ago putting to disposition its 3500 suppliers, offering to the societies the possibility to use an only interlocutor for the supplies, for the control, the invoicing and the payment.

Not a problem, moreover, in the case of difficult or occasional supplies in how much Unitec helps you in the search and resolves also eventual problems of foreign language. E’ also in a position to putting to disposition a date interpellabile base via Internet. A start, insomma, to the e-Procurement in way graduates them and coherent with the business times.

The access to this totally free service happens in conventional way sending to Unitec of the demands for which they will be received more of the produced integrated offered ones also in order, with prices, terms of delivery, you transport.

The order can be emitted also for offering differentiated and the deliveries will be integrated receiving, then, one single invoice salary for all the supplies. With a free service of integration, the private situated price cutting and start similar to Net-sourcing relative, the management of documents and the payments and with the constitution of a date base, Unitec offers the opportunity of a start graduates them to the e-procurement in outsourcing.

To be able to estimate and to reduce the logistic supplying and operating costs and to consider the possibility of a reingegnerizzazione of the inner processes is one of objects to you that this society proposes. Naturally Unitec is in a position to offering this service of courtesy because it can draw benefit thanks to the synergy of the purchases which had to the buyer aggregation.