according to a study, of an international company of advising, they are always more the companies that you they make rerun.

50% of the European and American companies will adopt, within next the three years, solutions of outsourcing in the within of the operations of procurement, against it put into effect them 22% that has already one in so far as strategy.

This is a surveying lead from an International Company of advising through interviews to beyond 200 responsibles of the procurement, chosen between companies pertaining to several fields in Europe and the United States. It turns out you of surveying evidence that the French enterprises are most inclined to the introduction of the outsourcing in near future and that 64% will immediately implement such solutions within 2006.

Seguono the British and Americans enterprises with 58%, those Italian with 42%, while in the rest of Europe 39% of the German companies, Austrians and Swisses mean to introduce the services of procurement outsourcing within next the three years. The area in which the outsourcing it finds greater application is that one of the processes considers you not strategic, which the solutions of application hosting and of requisitioning-to-pay.

In reference to these activities, 43% of the interviewed ones are attracted from the opportunity to reduce the costs and at the same time to dedicate more time to the management of the activities in-house. However, 22% of the interviewed ones have asserted of ready being to take in consideration the outsourcing of the materials directed within 2006, and 9% have asserted of to have already put in action this strategy.

From surveying it emerges clearly that the procurement outsourcing it will become a fundamental requirement for many companies.

In the future, however, the main challenge will not be only that one to save on the costs; the procurement outsourcing it represents in fact a fundamental instrument that the companies can use in order to obtain new advantages in terms of strategy and competitiveness”.

The dimension of the enterprises, in terms of profit, is the main pointer approximately uses it puts into effect them and future of the procurement service provider. Between the enterprises interviewed, 31% of those from the greater dimensions has declared to currently use the outsourcing in some ambles you of the procurement and 36% preview to make it in near future. For against, only 15% of the enterprises of smaller dimensions
servants of procurement outsourcing and only 34% agree to make it in future.
More inclined enterprises to implement the solutions of procurement outsourcing is those of greater dimensions, that is those that they have already obtained turn out meant to you to you optimizing the inner processes, but that they continue to concentrate on one aggressive strategy of cost reduction“.


Surveying has been lead to the end of 2003 near 219 responsibles of the procurement of companies in 14 European countries and in the United States, that they have answered to survey via Internet to the operations of procurement puts into effect them and future.
83% of the interviewed ones work in companies whose revenues of sale exceed 500 million dollars and 67% of the companies have five or more centers for the accomplishment of operations.
Le the companies considered operate in the fields manifacturing, of the telecommunicationses, the sales, the services and the public sector.