extracted from: The new frontier: the “risk well” in the total market


The new frontier: the “risk well” in the total market

Even if the leasing operation today introduces substantially identical in its formulation to that one of ten years ago the decisive action in its complex has become much more impegnativo, demanding not only acquaintances and competences greater but also by far advanced abilities to how much were not before necessary.

For more, the importance than one corrected total risk assessment – in its twofold nature of risk conductor and risk well – has become compulsory now: if a single operation in loss can make useless the profit of many others in normal performance, rendering useless much completed job, is enough little occurrences of this type in order to compromise the final result of an exercise.

But to this bitter consideration contrappone the knowledge of with of tendencies that allow to notice a rich future of tempting perspectives and of consistent profits for who will be known to operate with intelligence, courage and humility, crossing the more ready limits of a provincialità that has often penalized the management Italian to all advantage of operating aliens more attention to the modifications in becoming and to pick the winning occasions.

Even if the expression “globalization of the markets” has ended with becoming a useful pretest for all the uses, most times used to sproposito and without a coherent idea of its real content, it is necessary to stop itself just on this argument for being able to comprise the process that has put in action, above all to the outside of our Country, and trarne evocative indications but, above all, precious.

Who frequent Internet knows very well – beyond to many other things – than a insurance policy stipulated on linens can cost also the meta’ of a traditional one (and, attended well, with the same guarantees!), that a French scent can be acquired in Korea to a fraction of the price that would be paid in ours hard discount (and, attended well, arrives in three days!), that telephone expenses of house or the office can ridursi to a third party with new the oculata choice of one of the operating ones of the field.

Only little move in this direction while the greater part of the Italians continuation to pay the double quantity the assurance, to buy a scent to exorbitant prices, to receive bills from capogiro: we are therefore a Country of ignoring, vigliacchi and spendthrifts?

Not it creed at all, we are only a lot behind in the acquaintance of a world that is left over, the little are always more and in little time they will become before the majority and then the totality, pushes from the necessity and the same social system that will end in order to adapt themselves to the new truth in order not to have soccombere, unfortunately, and this é for hour our limit.

This new truth will in the first place see a deep transformation of the entrepreneurial world – the first signs are already begun to notice – that it will be converted to a new one modus operandi, destined to stravolgere ordinary rhythms and consolidated habits, whose dynamics is in two words key: mission and Core business, which if they must some obligatorily add to others two, corollario indispensable, that they are leasing and outsourcing.

The identification of the mission is the first proceedingses of the trial of redesign of a company: if a company is been born in order to plan, to construct and to sell blot some agricultural, its mission – than we could here also translate in primary task – will have not more priority to be but exclusively that one of the planning, construction and sale of these blots some. In this altogether intraducibile expression in Italian is its Core business (, in which very known term business it comes bound together to the term Core who means “nucleus centers them”).

In the future next every company will come therefore to realize its mission if it will concentrate the own attention in the happened one of Core business, resorting in way massiccia to the leasing and the outsourcing for the greater part of the complementary functions.

Not draft at all of futuristic forecasts: limited initially to some fields – primarily the management of the computer science resources, the nets of communication and the personnel management – the outsourcing it has gone diffusing itself to oil spot in the United States and has already for a long time entered, with remarkable emphasis, in various Countries of the European Union.

I would want to make two examples here.

The first one, a lot in order to remain in topic, regards the Deutsche Leasing AG – the greatest society than German leasing – than since 1997 has stipulated a quinquennial contract of outsourcing with the Californian Computer Sciences Corporation, which it has entrusted the entire management of the own computer science structure.

The second, illuminant, regards the Unitec D HighTech Industrieproduktevertriebs GmbH that, to onta of the impronunciabile name, is a specialized Italian company in the outsourcing of supplyings, gone to deliver up itself like headquarters them in Germany, whose increase is one directed confirmation of how much precedes.

Felt which its mission: “We transform the fixed costs in variable and we reduce them. We supply means for the reingegnerizzazione of the supplying procedures. We support the business continuous improvement and the Quality Management. We generate from every cost a added value. We render the customers free to dedicate itself totally and calmly to just Core Business “: that compiutamente reassumes the concepts that are to the base of the outsourcing.

They will be therefore the leasing and outsourcing the two fields mainly privilege to you in near future from the advent of the new operating conception, the first one extending and consolidating the own valence with very more deepened participation to the choices of the customers, the second developing from its short experience a professionality and a seriousness that, sun, will characterize the subjects assigns to assert itself to you on the market.

In the new market, rendered highly competitive from the increase of the infuence spheres, she will be therefore only winning who will know to come true in a positive appraisal of the relationship between profits and costs, announcing publicly the habit – deleterious and unfortunately radicata much – to concentrate the own attention towards obtuse and antihistorical considerations tied to the simple and ominous concept of expense economies, often seen like primary requirement of business health.