4000 Invoices? Better One Single!

4000 Invoices? Better One Single!

Milan, 29 May 2000 – Imagined for a moment what would mean for a great company to be able to replace migliaia of invoices and all which are behind with one single! Enough to fight with offering, orders, bubbles of every type, expirations and payments infinites! All this till now could be a dream of some entrepreneur whom go huntinging of it wastes in the own company was always found of forehead to the wall of the inner and external bureaucracy, of the habits crystallized by now from years in the way to manage supplyings and purchases.

Today this dream has become truth thanks to the imprenditorialità and the tenacity of an Italian who, has been the first one to the world to resolve this problem creating one society of services of integrated supply. They are interested to Unitec-D, this is the name of the society, names like Iveco, Mondadori, Whirpool and Ilte. The service of integrated supply realizes also other services like: that one to render variable of the fixed costs, and to pull down the fatidical wall of “supply zero”.

Of the news of it it has taken to action also the university “the Wisdom” that it has rewarded with 110 and praise one student that it has carried out the thesis on the “Unitec case”, describing to the capacity of the service and the consequences not less exceptional that a company can gain in taking advantage itself some.

Vincenzo Marino, the holder of Unitec-D, that it has center in the productive heart of the Germany, has one single genuine worry: that one of being able to answer adequately to the question that this innovation is creating on the market. But it does not doubt to succeed to us: I instill is just he it man from 110 and praise!