Solutions and initiatives; the procedures; the interferences; one scalabile proposal; etc..

A complex system as the logistics demands an approach of modular type that allows the attainment of objects to you in the short term also the outsourcing performs miracles?

The terziarizzazione of supplyings, if very applied, can produce economies in the costs, efficiency in the units and saving of time

To increase the profits and to reduce the costs, to acquire market shares and to defend themselves from the competition, to specialize themselves in just the field and to explore of others, to improve the efficiency of the units and to reduce the assigned staff, to increase the efficiency of the systems and to diminish the warehouse supplyes, finally to obtain the maximum rendering the fixed structures and to give flexibility to the costs: these more and more object it to you demands to the management business.

It is obvious that some of these activities in are antite between they and represent a decisional paradox that in its priority resolution it previews to render of some respect to others. Carried out in the conventional procedural methodology, they are source of costs added to you without to satisfy the necessity primary of cost reduction generate them, attempt that the market characterizes strongly and that it imposes always greater competitiveness.

Solutions and initiatives

The solutions till now adopted have been many and between that they have given the best ones turns out to you are from citing the allocation of territory and product competences, the formation of work groups, the transformation and the division of areas in cost centers, the institution of the profit center, the decentralization like also the concentration of the activities. The used means in order to catch up these goals have been initially the insourcing, that is have been sondate all the  opportunities of improvement of the inner tructures in order to increase the  efficiency. All these activities also when they have not satisfied of the all expectations, have however supplied to management the indications in order to localize dysfunctions and to identify it objects you to it of improvement, and it is also to observe that the subdivision in independent operating units has duplicated some inner functions increasing also the complexity of the communication between the agencies.

At the same time to these initiatives of insourcing, already in years Seventy, the within of the production, more and more it has been sserted, after one begins them diffidenza, the terziarizzazione concept. The successes have been eclatanti making to grow the number of  companies that of it made use and once pulled down the natural diffidenze it begins them, have come true more and more advanced shapes of outsoucing.
From 1970 today many things are changed in the field of the great production: in those years some productions were entrusted to external suppliers that before came carry out to you in own house. In years Eighty there was the adoption of the just in Time for the assembly lines.

From the 1990 the suppliers have constructed the own plants in the immediate vicinities of the customer. From 1995 to the suppliers they come assigns you of the spaces to the inside of the plants and their production meets directly in the systems automati us of assembly. In 2000 to the suppliers it will come demanded of being in a position to assuming the role of active partner in the definition and in the development of the business strategies and to contribute to the attainment of it objects to you economic.

From the production to…

The first phase of terziarizzazione therefore has regarded the production; then it is proceeded with the confidence to thirds party of some inner services which: the maintenance, the stoccaggio of materials, the transports, the business catering, the pulizie of plant, some services trained to you and book keeping, the management of the systems informed to you. Such terziarizzazioni are seen today however like a natural fact and theirs more and more diffused application, above all in companies that wish to free characterized resources, induce the management to estimate the opportunity to resort to similar models also for the management of supplyings.

The transfer to an external partner of the management of supplyings, above all of not productive materials, on one side has the scope of being able mainly to concentrate the best resources on the activities strategic and from the other to obtain of the economic benefits, rendering the operating costs flexible. In the transfer of the management the decentralization of the greater part of the ruotine jobs happens also, that contributes to increase the motivation of the resources that come some freed, than of equal step develops one greater professionality to benefit of the increase of the business competitiveness in just the market, concurring between the other to profit more intensely of the remunerative areas of market (cash caw).

The procedures

The supplying process is constituted from a number of activity or sequenziali procedures that from birth go of the necessity and emission of the demand, to the payment of the acquired goods. The number of the procedures is increased in the time because of growing of the necessary orders he is that to continuation of the aliquot origin of the members assembles to you in the machinery and of the tendency to the reduction
of the immobilized value in warehouse.

The application of the concept of outsourcing, near a Turinese company world-wide leader in the field of the press, in particular of yearbooks and lists telephone for the public user, has concurred the reduction of the volume of the supplyes with particular warehouse also of inferior economic value of 15 times to the operating costs of the same order.
The development of every procedure that is part of the process generates a volume of documentation and information that they engage the attache’s in training them, embezzling to if same usable precious time instead for the development of their peculiar activities like for es. the purchase of systems and raw materials, the management of the agreements, the maintenance and the controlling.

It is from observing that the number of the necessary procedures to the effettuazione of supplying grows in esponenziale way with the increase of the dimensions of the been involved inner structures in the process. At the same time it increases is the risk of procedural errors is the informative chaos, reducing dramatically the degree of efficiency of the agencies you premail. That renders very complex, articulated and most expensive the supervision and the management. Such costs more and more often exceed a lot the value of the object to provision.

The interferences

The necessary engagement for the single administration of all the procedures of the supplying process is however quantifiable until the procedures they are linear, that is until when in the flow of the process not sopravvengono the interferences, phenomenon much frequent one and underrated in the esteem of the operating costs and that generate a series of support activities that do not pursue the business aim directly, but become one administrative necessity. The procedural interferences come generated from various sources, are inner that external to the plant and can imply a stop, causing in the cases get worse of having to recommence the sequence of the activities of the process, with the consequences of a repetition of the same administrative activities, of production of ulterior documentation and with the enormous increase of the costs of all the offices for which the supplying procedure journeys.

The introduction of the outsourcing administrative is finalized just to the drastic reduction of the number of the inner procedures of  administration and control. It is just the management of these last ones to absorb in great part it revives and means that highly are characterized in order to carry out very other type of tasks, and is above all the simplification of these managements that puts in sight the enormous one upgrades them of economic recovery and efficiency. Near an Italian company between first in the world for the construction of vehicles from transport and in particular in two German plants for the antifire construction of vehicles, it has been applied the outsourcing for the management of supplyings of materials of production near 70 suppliers, whose annual volumes of supply go from 50 to 95.000 mark. Such solution has concurred to reduce the number of the supplies and therefore of the bubbles in 16 months of activity, from 1.321 to 85, par to 99.93%, and to reduce the number of the invoices from ca. 1,000 to 40, par to 99,96%.

In estimating the introduction of the outsourcing is always the fear to lose the control of the situation, but in the moment in which they come defined the roles, it ambles you to it of competence and the responsibilities of the two contractors are possible to have one visibility of the economic convenience: this last one cannot prescind from a comparison with the all in costs sopporta you from the company in supplying, to its inside, the services of which the possibility is being estimated to manage in outsourcing.

One scalabile proposal

For this reason the Unitec has developed just to a concept dedicating particular attention to this aspect and proposing a modular application that concurs an immediate economic return, to every step that comes carried out in direction of the outsourcing, through one series of proposals and possibility of its application, on the base of an adaptable to the dimensions and the business necessities and above all easy introducibile model in already existing structures.
The modular of the outsourcing, partial or total introduction, with possibility to work in team kinsmen and the formation to the inside of the figure of the coordinator, allow to anytime consider the hypothesis of interruption of the one and service relationship new independent management, rendering therefore the decision less difficult than it is made to support from an external partner.

Outsourcing administrative of supplyings of the not productive materials junior clerk from Unitec is based on the experience matured with companies of various European countries and active in various industrial fields and the own corporate structure extends just also to the production materials, consolidating therefore and diversifying know-how, factors that represent one important operating guarantee and of reliability in the time.
The carried out activities of outsourcing from the Unitec are supported from the use of an informative, developed and maintained system in just, with an inner team of programmatori that integral you acclimatize operated standard to you and that the communication concurs data transmission with customers and suppliers.
The know-how moreover in the within of the management of the information, acquired in the course of experiences matured with the own customers, concurs with the Unitec to experience in own house always new computer science solutions and data transmissions to propose to the customer to the aim to improve the communication and to enormously velocizzare the access to the information, reducing the times of question and answer. All taking advantage itself of the collaboration of qualified and professional staff highly.

The collaboration with Unitec can be defined with great flexibility, spacing from the single emission of the orders until the administration of all the procedures of the supplying process, that it goes from the phase of birth of the necessity until the management of the warehouse and to the supply of computer science solutions for the office  automation.


The introduction and the application of the outsourcing administrative and supplyings have allowed the management definitively to resolve the decisional paradoxes that we have cited to the beginning and to obtain flexible actual costs, recovering also the precious resource time, fundamental member in order to dedicate itself more and more effectively to the strategic and primary activities of the company.

With the recovery of the spaces of time in all the areas of the plant, immediately are increased the efficiency degree inner, allowing one better visibility of the resources and beginning one positive spiral of synergies.
The knowledge of the importance of this result has made to comprise that if all the collaborators are he concentrates on Core business the company to you can perform miracles.