The procedural Outsourcing of supplyings; Resources Cruncher; Simplification of the Process …

The Procedural Outsourcing, an approach to the Modular introduction, has like primary objective the flessibilizzazione of the operating costs of supplying

Like pointed out in Administrative the Outsourcing article and of Supplyings, published in nr. the 1 of 1998 To buy Today, we will more deal hour in way extended one of the arguments in it cited: the Procedural Outsourcing of Supplyings, an approach to the Modular introduction that the attention concentrates on the effects of the activities of Outsourcing Provider on those of the inner agencies with which it interacts and on the total transparency, and possibility of continuous monitoring, the costs of engagement of external resources.
The outsourcing procedural it has like primary objective the flessibilizzazione of the operating costs of supplying avoiding the collisions, directed and indirect, with the managerial flows and the specific competences of the been involved business agencies.

From the screening of a conventional process the activities (or procedures) necessary emerge that are medium fifty/sixty, being involved not less than a ten than business agencies to several levels, from that operating one to a that directional, and number of persons sure elevated (between ten and twenty) if it is considered that often the process is equal independently from the type to from the value of supplying. Often, some of the persons been involved in the process, take part on the same procedure more times.
The introduction of the outsourcing procedural needs of an analysis of the supplying process until entering micro in the detail of the flow and the management of the activities that compose it, from the emission of the demand for supplying to the recording of the payment of the invoice (operativity, communication, control, recording and consultation documents etc).

Resources Cruncher

The schematizzazione of the single procedures, in particular those micro, and their pesatura indicates in amazing way how many human, structural, temporal resources, and therefore economic, they come divorate from easy and immediately delegable activities instead. These indicaioni generate in the spirit of management the strong impulses to the search of solutions for the rationalization of the employment of such resources to the aim to plow back in “lucrative” way much latent business patrimony, and to obtain one they greater participation to the production processes. The energies of resources normally focused inner come therefore; focused externally, on determining activities for the satisfaction of just the customer.

Outsourcing Procedurale

The Procedure is the reference of base of the concept Outsourcing Modulare. The Procedural Outsourcing uses the modularity of the concept developed from Unitec, of is integrating part but he is applicable in configurabile way, function of the activities that thinks convenient to delegate to an external management and is replicabile to level of Group. It does not need of the introduction of all the three modules, of continuation described, that they preview respective the management of macro the activities:

  1. escape of the demands for supplying (does not presuppose the transfer of the property of the goods);
  2. escape of the demands for supplying; consolidation of the logistics; consolidation of the administrative activities (presupposes the transfer of the property of the goods);

three modules integrate the single necessary procedures to the accomplishment of macro the activities brought back to points 1, 2 and 3.

Simplification of the Process

The activities are immediately transferable, the costs come flessibilizzati endured after the introduction of or more modules and are always measurable, such flessibilizzazione extend beneficio.di all the been involved business areas in the management of the flow of the procedures. The single modules are expandible with the added one of optional activities that they are not part of a conventional process, which:

  • audit periodic;
  • reporting (consuntivazione of turns out to you);
  • analysis of the interferences and proposals of solutions;
  • modernization prices;
  • search of fornitori/costruttori alternated to you;
  • introduction of Outsourcing Facilities Software and others…. (