Editorial by Giancarlo Corò

In the crowded panorama of the net junior clerks they begin makes road logistic solutions to you rations them and practicable also for the PMI. Draft of interaziendali virtual warehouses, managed from operating specializes to you, than leaving from low investments cost reduction of management of the supplyes begins them concurs one strongly. But which conditions are necessary for the happened one of these plans?

One of the shapes more concrete than integration between e-commerce and arranges logistic is being come true in the virtual platforms. The only modality is not sure this through which the logistics it meets the net technologies. However, the possibility to optimize the supplyes and to reduce the costs of purchases and supplyings by means of the access to systems informed to you interaziendali can constitute a remarkable result, above all for the PMI. the idea on which these solutions are based are a typical one must of the logistics: warehouses and supplyings enjoy elevated economies of scale, for which if more enterprises share these activities, ognuna it has something to earn – in terms of technical efficiency – regarding the solutions characterizes them. In fact, beyond to a greater power of market and minor an assured administrative operating costs from the concentration of the purchases, it is famous as to parity of level of service, the cost of the supplyes is increasing function of the number of warehouses. Why then the small enterprises, species in the industrial districts, do not realize warehouses and common services of supplying? The answer is that the small enterprises, just, do not only watch to the technical efficiency but also to conserve an own autonomy of management (irreplaceable source of flexibility) and are much restie to share with direct the concurrent critical information on the own markets, are they of supplying like of distribution. Moreover, the realization of common logistic platforms meets with elevates investment costs to you, that they difficultly become recoverable in case of change of strategy from part of one single enterprise.

The virtual platforms exceed sure this according to obstacle and reduce in good measure also the first one. In fact, in order to optimize supplyes and supplyings it is not necessary to construct a common warehouse but he is sufficient to make to manage to a specialistic operator the information on the state of the existing warehouses and the activities of I reorder relative the purchases you flavored yourself. All the categories of supplying cannot in this way be managed. But for many types of purchases and supplyings of commodities the operation it is other possible one.

Succeeding condition of is, therefore, than the enterprises they succeed to share a logistic-comunicativo standard in which the virtual platform is realized. Solutions of this type today are offered from some operating ones, like Datilog and Unitec (for a review look at the number of open them 2000 of the salary Systems & Enterprise), that they have put to point of the systems informed opened you that, once you flavored yourself from more enterprises, they concur than to save on the supplyes (thanks to the economies of scale) and to simplify the administrative management (tasks to the advantage of one single invoice to the relative year to repeated purchases).